Gabi’s yoga 🧘‍♀️ has been simply cathartic for me. On a metaphysical level, I have healed on a deep and profound way. I feel like I go to another dimension and am releasing many lifetimes of pain. It’s an ineffable experience and can ONLY be felt in the heart and soul of the disciplined practitioner. Gabi is elegant and warm in her graceful style. It’s pure beautiful magic!

-Christie D

I’m so grateful to practice with Gabi every week since almost a year now.
Her practice is a unique experience, a full immersion in your soul driven by positive messages and sharing wisdom with her is an incredible energy !
Her flow is a beautiful, dynamic and graceful flow that makes me feel so strong but so sexy at the same time.
After a few weeks of practice with Gabi, I got completely addicted as she allowed me to go through professional challenges and recenter on my priorities in life.
She helps me love myself again.
She makes me focus more on the positive vibes around me and relax about the stress I live at work.
All of that without talking about the effects on my body, I got back my abs without even thinking about it !
Please continue to share your generous energy and rare talent forever !
Love you

-Charlotte M

I came across a class by Gabi several months ago. She encouraged me to attend others, but I was away for a while. After coming back I needed a lot of grounding and internal and external nourishment. I magically landed in one of her classes where she welcomed me with such loving care and affection. Her sequences are so pure to the essence of yoga. I am able to tend to my body’s needs without feeling the pressure of having to do it a certain way, but simply listening and allowing my body to go deeper into the practice as it desires. I’ve been doing yoga for many years now and each teacher is different and unique in their own way, but Gabi has by far been one of my favorites. Truly integrating her own wisdom, it seeps into her classes in those in-between moments where her voice soothes and enables us to dig deeper into our mind and body connection. Challenging our minds and bodies in a way that opens and expands us to our essence. Seeing what is going on in our inner worlds and recognizing what serves us, what doesn’t and how to be gentle and kind to ourselves. For me, her energy, classes and her ability to hold space have nourished my soul and my body in indescribable ways. I am eternally grateful to have been able to experience Gabi’s gifts.

Not only is Gabi an amazing teacher, but her ability to truly connect with her students is undeniable. Watching the love that pours from her students is beautiful and inspiring. She is so caring and listens. Being back home in Miami for me has not been easy and Gabi held the most beautiful space for me to share what has been going on and simply speak. Sometimes we need that space to connect and feel heard and Gabi selflessly gave me just that. Pure medicine.

- Isabella B

My curiosity and awe when it comes to yoga seems not to have limits! Living in Miami l am being exposed to an extraordinary variety of yoga classes, styles, teachers.. But none of it seems to be quite the same as Gabi’s class.. There are many aspects of her class that distinguish her from the rest and l will name here just a few that l personally resonate with the most:

Unconventional movement: Her class is all about being in sync with yourself in the most unique way. She emphasizes freedom of the movement and encourages self expression which l truly makes every class such a particular experience

The intimacy: Her class always feel very personal. She manages to connect with each of her students in a very particular way. Listening to her guidance through out the class always makes me feel like l am being the only person she talks to and l think that is pretty rare!

The atmosphere: I usually take her evening class. She always sets up the room, dims the light and plays mellow music so that you feel like all of your sense are being stimulated and something very special is about the happen!

During this class l got to know a different realm of yoga - a practice that still has a certain rigidness and formality but here it only serves as a support to my own interpretation of each movement or pose. It might sound strange - but yoga can be sexy! Gabi explores many angles of practice and let us express any emotion or state we might currently be in.

If l had to choose a word to describe how l feel during her practice it would probably be Free!

Usually her practice puts me in this mellow state of total content! I am a walk away from her studio and in that time while l am going back home l usually like to recall certain poses and relate them to the emotions evoked. Afterwards l feel very loosen up and tranquil. Probably that “afterwards feeling’ is the only constant when it comes to her classes. As l said - it is always such unique and particular experience.

-Marina Z

I found your class to be more beneficial in healing my back than physical therapy and completely replaced it with your class. After a couple months of yoga, I was able to return to my passion - Standup Paddle Boarding. Of course, I continue to go to class because it not only helps me physically but spiritually as well. Much gratitude for the healing- 

-David D.