Roots: I take yoga back to its roots. Back to the practice that it was created to be. 

Consistent Practice: I work consistent. If you are interested in learning and practicing with me it we will create a relationship with it so that it becomes a consistent practice. This way it gives you the opportunity to feel your growth, evolve within your practice and allow for the practice to become a space to implement your yoga skills and tools to center on a frequent basis. The more frequent you practice the more we are able to see your growth. The more you will "get it." The better you will feel. 

Discipline: Your yoga practice keeps you in alignment with yourself. So, what does that mean? In a culture where we tend to accept getting off balance "letting loose," or not putting your wellbeing and health as a priority your consistent practice really allows you the opportunity to discover and learn what is really good for you.  If you carry a belief that making time for yourself is a luxury, working with me is an opportunity to redefine that.  

Committed: I am a committed teacher and I always create space to be able to show up for my students.

Dependable: I make myself very available to teach my private students, if you are desire to practice there will be time for you.

Therapeutic: With my background as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Art Therapist, it is very likely you will feel that practicing with me is like therapy. 

Creative: I am an artist. Trained and practiced in the Visual Arts. Yoga is a Sacred Art and a Healing Art so I approach it as my craft. Between the sequencing and the music it is likely that not any two class will be exactly the same.