The first time we saw each other... We Knew 🔮

The first time we saw each other we knew. It was an instant connection. A random occurrence of meeting. I was visiting home in Miami for a couple weeks for summer from Los Angeles...I went out one night...was supposed to meet with someone else. 2 weeks fresh out of a 4 year relationship. We locked eyes when he was actually with the other person I was supposed to meet and my gut spoke to me. How do I not know this person? I felt like I did. From that night forward we spent the next 2 weeks together every single day....falling in love

Have you ever made eye contact with someone and known in that instant they were going to be a significant part of your life?
— Gabi
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Drawn towards the healing arts, seeking through yoga, meditation, spirituality & the arts. Later educated in Art Therapy & Marital Family Therapy. The world of diving into self through different mediums…to understand…to process…to heal and feel better was me.

But as I began to work professionally as an Art Therapist & Marriage and Family therapist… I was missing from the component . As a therapist you are schooled to focus on the client and not speak about self. It is through my self that I can share the most.

It is through my own healing experiences that I can relate to you.

It is through creating art of my life that we can connect in a similar language and hopefully taking in the way I communicate my experience awakens your spirit and inspires you.

It is through me we find you.

This project is a beautiful rollercoaster of a journey through different phases of my healing process from a great love.

3 years of creating, understanding and coming home through writing.

It is an honor to share a piece of me with you. Hope you find a piece of you with me.

In love,